v28 Release Notes

Updated: July 27, 2023

    Release Date: July 26, 2023

    This release brings new and enhanced features, better scalability, smoother workflows, and a richer user experience on CloudBlue Connect. 

    1.CloudBlue Connect Platform

    1.1 Pricing Support in Data Streams Processing

    To simplify daily tasks like billing audit and billing operation scalability, Data Streams Processing in CloudBlue Connect has enhanced its functionality and now allows vendors and distributors to use price lists from the Pricing module as a source for computed streams in the new Pricing section. The list of available transformations includes:  

    • Split Column 
    • Manual transformation
    • Lookup CloudBlue Subscription Data 
    • Lookup Cloudblue Product Item Data 
    • Get standard VAT Rate for EU Country – now supported
    • Formula – now supported
    • Filter Rows by Condition – now supported
    • Convert Currency 
    • Copy Column(s) 
    • Lookup Data from a stream attached Excel – now supported 
    • Lookup Data from AirTable – now supported


    The list of transformations can be extended by building a custom EaaS extension.

    You can see the live transformation status in Batches of the Pricing section and check the individual transformation request details in Requests

    Depending on your business needs, you can configure as many streams as required, including one stream per Marketplace, and these streams can be processed simultaneously.    

    1.1.1 Transformations – Formula

    Formulas can be used to perform mathematical and logical operations on columns and context variables. For example, calculate margins, prices, time periods, etc. When adding formula-based transformations, you can see the list of suggested columns by typing “.” and the list of context variables by typing the “$” sign:⁠ 

    The context is taken from the pricing stream settings: 

    1.1.2 Transformations – Lookup data from AirTable 

    The Commerce module now supports storing data in a central place using the AirTable cloud service, allowing you to share the data between multiple streams and Marketplaces. 

    To add this transformation rule, you need to upload your Excel file to AirTable, create a token in Personal access tokens of Developers hub, and when creating a new row-level transformation, choose Lookup data from AirTable in the drop-down list: 

    You then need to insert the copied token into API key and map columns and sheets between your stream Excel file and the Airtable one.

    1.1.3 Transformations – Get standard VAT rate for EU Сountry 

    Distributors can now get the standard VAT rate for European countries by adding the Get standard VAT rate for EU country row-level transformation:

    1.2 Audit Trail – New modules traced

    CloudBlue Connect now captures data for the following modules: PIMPartnersBranding, and News.

    To access Audit Trail, choose Audit Trail in the left navigation pane of the Settings module.

    1.3 Custom Email Templates 

    Distributors can now send email notifications using the new Notifications API in the following ways: 

    • based on the default email template with only the subject and content passed 
    • based on a custom notification template configured by adding a new notification rule in the Email section of the Settings module under the Send email via API notification type. In this case, the rule id visible under the custom template needs to be passed along with other parameters to the Notifications API. 

    Custom Extensions built using the DevOps module can also send email notifications to customers either based on custom templates or the raw HTML content.

    1.4 Products – New commitment periods supported

    The Products module has extended the list of supported commitment periods, the following periods are now available:

    • 1 month
    • 1 year
    • 2 years
    • 3 years
    • 4 years
    • 5 years
    • 6 years – now supported

    1.5 Extensions – Vendor Screens

    CloudBlue Connect allows you to build custom extensions, using the DevOps module, to bring the service screens to your Tier (Reseller) Context:

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