v26 Release Notes

Updated: November 29, 2022

    Release Date: November 29, 2022

    This release brings new and enhanced features, improved performance, better stability, smoother workflows, and a richer user experience on CloudBlue Connect.

    1. CloudBlue Connect Platform

    1.1 Billing Framework

    CloudBlue Connect now supports new Billing Framework that allows to setup usage-based billing data transformations within the platform. This new feature allows accounts to submit usage files (such as raw billing data or invoice reconciliation data) to the platform and create configurable data streams that allows for the specific data to be transformed so that it can be sent to downstream partners.

    Accounts will be able to set up different inbound and outbound streams and batches specific to the product, partner, and marketplace with different transformation logic and rules for each. This functionality will allow partners to include, omit, and curate specific information within these files to be sent to partners (such as vendors to distributors or distributors to resellers) so that the downstream partners receives exactly the information that they need to set up specific operations (such as pricing), reconcile billing information for subscriptions within the platform, and other information-intensive use cases.

    Users will see additional functionality within this new Commerce module within the next few months as we continue to roll out data transformation features. Additionally, users will also soon be able to create their own transformation logic to fully customize their data transformations.

    Read more about Billing Framework and Data Transformation here.

    1.2 Low-code Development Framework

    1.2.1 User Interface SDK

    Build custom user interfaces (UIs) using the same SDK that CloudBlue team uses to build platform scenarios.

    Let the platform do the heavy lifting behind the scenes while you focus on business scenarios. Learn more in our documentation.

    1.2.2 Built-in Extensions Catalog with One-Click Installation

    Quickly discover and install Extensions with new built-in extensions catalog maintained by the Community.

    The new Extensions Catalog could be found within the Extensions tab of the Integrations module. Accounts will be able to see extensions available to the account and track the installed extensions. Learn how to develop and publish extensions to our catalog in our documentation.

    1.2.3 Customer Portals Development Kit

    Quickly build customer-facing user interfaces using our new Anvil Customer Portal Extension.

    1.3 Improved Localization Management

    1.3.1 Distributor-managed localization and customization of products

    Distributors can now customize product localization data independently from Vendors. Distributors can now set new locale definitions for the product or customize language of an existing locale – independent of the product lifecycle from the vendor.

    Note: Distributors can only edit these section in the languages the distributor’s account has set up for that product.

    1.3.2 Localization of product templates

    Vendors can now configure language-specific templates for their products within the user interface. Previously, developers had to maintain the association between templates and languages within their business logic. With this feature, languages can be enabled and configured and managed easily and efficiently, all within the UI.

    1.3.3 Support for native browser translations

    CloudBlue Connect now fully supports Chromium-based browsers’ and Safari’s built-in translation function as illustrated below:

    Read more about here: Chrome / Safari.

    1.3.3 Support for translations in Connect CLI

    CloudBlue Connect’s CLI tool now supports translations of the product definition when importing or exporting products via Connect CLI tool.

    1.4 Audit Trail

    Connect now provides an Audit Trail in all accounts within the Settings (renamed from Account) module. Within the Audit Trail tab, users will be able to see which user performed what action on which module during what time, along with other system information related to the action.

    1.5 File Attachment Support in PIM

    Distributors can now specify attributes within the PIM module to be submitted with Files. These Files submission can be configured to a certain file size and file type. Like all other attributes, this feature can be used at a product or item level. This can be helpful when submitting specific product media (such as pictures, screenshots, or videos).

    1.6 Subscription Management Improvements

    1.6.1 Additional constraints and conditions for ordering parameters

    Vendors can now configure specific parameter attributes (such as required, hidden, and read-only) and error messages on ordering parameters within a pending subscription.

    1.6.2 Inclusion of template link in subscription

    The template which the subscription currently has active is now shown within the subscription details.

    1.6.3 Ability to create additional pending templates and T1/T2 pending/approved templates

    Vendors can create additional pending templates for specific products as well as Tier-1 and Tier-2 specific templates. This will allow for more flexibility on which template is shown and to whom.

    1.6.4 Ability to change pending templates for pending subscriptions

    With the inclusion of additional pending templates, Vendors can now switch between different pending templates that a customer is shown. This is helpful for Vendors with more complex pending workflows.

    1.7 User Management and Security

    Account administrators can specifically set collaboration restrictions in which users can or cannot be invited from to the account. Settings include allowing all (email) domains to be invited, restricting specific domains from being invited, or allowing only specific domains to be invited.

    1.8 User Interface Changes

    1.8.1 Navigation Search Bar

    Users will see a new navigation search bar in the top menu navigation. When a user is typing in a keyword, Connect will automatically highlight the matching link.

    1.8.2 Settings module (renamed from Account module)

    The Account module is now renamed to “Settings”.

    2. CloudBlue Connect Extensions

    2.1 Updated CloudBlue Commerce Extension

    Please see CB Commerce Extension v26 Release Notes for detailed information about CloudBlue Commerce Extension v26 release details.

    2.2 New Sample Extensions

    We are introducing three more extensions

    1. Control Panel Extension
    2. Telegram Extension
    3. Subscription Activation Extension

    These extensions will be available for all of our users and to highlight our new extensions experience.

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