Updated: January 30, 2023


    The Contracts tab from the Partners module enables Distributors, Resellers and Vendors to sign and manage their business contracts. Contracts represent individual collaboration between your organization and your particular business partner. Namely, a contract is an object on Connect that is used to indicate that your partner accepted, rejected or terminated business relationships with your organization. Each contract is generated based on the corresponding Agreement. Therefore, contracts can be also referred to as versioned instances of an agreement.

    Connect users can create, view, and manage contract objects of the following types:

    • Program contract: This document is signed by Distributors and Vendors to define general terms and conditions of their business partnership on the CloudBlue Connect platform.
    • Distribution contract: Define terms that regulate supplying and distribution of required products (Vendor’s services or goods) via Distributor’s marketplaces.
    • Service contract: This document is defined by Distributors to initiate business collaboration with Resellers and invite them to the Connect platform.
    • Sourcing contract: Represents a collective term for syndication and referral contracts.
      • Syndication contract: Arranges business collaboration between Distributors and Resellers. Following this contract, Distributors can provision required products via Resellers’ marketplaces.
      • Referral contract (or Direct contract): Allows organizations to establish direct business collaboration with Vendors via the Product Catalog. Consequently, such organizations can distribute selected products via their own marketplaces.


    Every contract type from the list above is based on a corresponding agreement type. The system allows using one agreement to create multiple contracts. Note, however, that a contract cannot be associated with multiple agreements.


    The Contracts tab looks similar for Vendors and Distributors. However, only Distributors are allowed to create a new contract. Navigate to the Partners module and proceed to the Contracts tab to access your contracts.

    The Contracts tab provides the following contract information:

    • Contract ID: A unique ID that the platform assigns to a particular contract.
    • Agreement: A reference to the associated agreement.
    • Issuer: The issuer of this contract.
    • Created At: Contract creation date.
    • Marketplace: A reference to the associated marketplace (for distribution contracts).
    • Status: The current state of your contract.

    Narrow down a list of contracts by using the search patterns as generally described in Data Grids.

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