v22 Release Notes

Updated: March 9, 2021

    Release Date: March 09, 2021

    This release brings improved performance, better stability, smoother workflows, and a richer user experience on CloudBlue Connect.

    1. CloudBlue Connect Platform

    1.1 New Offers Management Module

    Vendors can now explicitly configure the go-to-market offers and plans that their business has defined to sell in the channel. Vendors can set their exact items/SKUs, metadata, and associated information on the channel offer in this new functionality to send to their channel partners.

    Read more about Offers Management here.

    1.2 New Helpdesk Module

    Establishing cross-organizational support flows in the channel might be extremely challenging without proper tools. The new Helpdesk module helps partners to contact their vendors and/or providers for support, whether they use their own proprietary systems or use CloudBlue Connect directly.

    Within this new Helpdesk module, users will find a new wizard that allows them to select a specific partner they have an agreement with within the portal, indicate the type of support needed, the priority of the case, attach any evidence and support materials, and include additional users to the case. Both parties will be able to review the issue, track the progression of the case, and ultimately resolve and close the case.

    This new Helpdesk module will also allow companies to integrate and federate their support cases from CloudBlue Connect into their support system of choice, so that they can manage the cases within their existing support platforms.


    The existing support ticket functionality will still be available for contacting CloudBlue Connect support for the next few months as Connect transitions to the new Helpdesk module.

    1.3 New Reports Management Module

    With the new Reports Management module, our partners can create powerful and rich-formatted reports for the needs of their businesses from virtually any source of data in the CloudBlue Connect Platform.

    Our new Reports Framework allows our partners to create their own custom reports to meet the needs of their business. A number of pre-defined reports are readily available and published as an open-source example to the community – see https://github.com/cloudblue/connect-reports.

    These reports can be used as-is or exported and ingested into other analytic/business intelligence tools.


    Reports that were created prior to this release will not be visible in the user interface. These legacy reports can be requested through CloudBlue Support.

    1.4 Enhanced Partners Management

    1.4.1 Integrated Agreements and Contracts Management

    CloudBlue Connect has now integrated the Agreements and Contracts functionalities within the Partners module. Within this new experience, there is a brand new wizard to establish new partner relationships within CloudBlue Connect. Accounts will also no longer be required to submit links or agreement documentation when establishing these partner relationships within Connect.

    Other changes include automatic execution of contract agreements and configuration of automatic acceptance of distribution agreements.

    1.4.2 New Add Partner Wizard

    With the new Add Partner Wizards, it’s now simpler than ever before to either create new partner accounts right away or generate invitation links to be shared with partners for self-activation.

    1.5 Improved Customer Management

    1.5.1 New Customers Management UI

    CloudBlue Connect now allows customers to be managed directly in the user interface of its portal.

    It allows building hierarchies of customer and reseller accounts that are automatically used by the Subscription Creation Wizard.

    1.5.2 Improved Subscription Creation Wizard

    The subscription creation wizard has been simplified to ask for only a single account to be selected. All the associated tier/reseller accounts are automatically calculated now.


    The functionality of the “Tier Config Creation” has been embedded into the Subscription Creation wizard and is no longer available as a standalone “Create Tier Config” wizard.

    1.6 Enhanced Portal Experience

    1.6.1 New Accounts Selector

    Users of CloudBlue Connect can now seamlessly switch between their Vendor and Provider/Distributor accounts via the Account Selector.

    Previously, users would have to input a separate domain to log into their respective vendor or provider portals.

    1.6.2 Required Actions Notifications

    In addition, users can now get real-time notifications on actionable requests on the account wherever they are within the portal through the notification dropdown in the top navigation bar.

    1.6.3 Improved Table Widget

    Users will now see a host of improvements and new functionality on modules that utilize table widgets (such as the Partners and Subscriptions modules).

    Users can now configure specific information views according to standard Connect defaults, custom views configured to the account, or custom user views based on the users’ specific preferences. This allows users to quickly switch between their most productive information display when working within the portal.

    Users will also notice the ability to resize each column width to their ideal preference. In conjunction with the existing column display/hide functionality, this feature allows users to maximize their portal view so no information is overlooked.

    Lastly, users will also notice a new loading experience when working with tables that contain a lot of information to generate.

    This provides a pleasant and transparent experience when switching between table pages.

    1.7 Updated CLI Tool

    The Connect Command Line Interface (CLI) Tool has been updated to support the following:

    • Improved Product Export & Synchronization
      • (New) Parameters Support
      • (New) Activation Templates Support
      • (New) Action Links Support
      • (New) General Attributes Support
      • (New) Product Cloning within the same and different accounts
    • Bulk Export and Update for the Customers Management
    • Development Scenarios for the Reports Management Module
    $ ccli --version
     ccli, version 22.10
    $ ccli
     Usage: ccli [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...
       CloudBlue Connect Command Line Interface
       --version                   Show the version and exit.
       -c, --config-dir DIRECTORY  set the config directory.
       -s, --silent                Prevent the output of informational messages.
       --help                      Show this message and exit.
       account   account configuration
       customer  commands related to customer management
       product   commands related to product management
       report    commands related to report management

    The Connect CLI tool can be found at https://github.com/cloudblue/connect-cli.

    1.8 New Python Open API Client

    Our new Python OpenAPI Client is a simple, concise, powerful API client for the ClouBlue Connect. It has been designed following the fluent interface design pattern.

    $ pip install connect-openapi-client

    Due to its REPL-friendly (Read-Eval-Print Loop) nature, using the CloudBlue Connect OpenAPI specifications it allows developers to learn and play with the CloudBlue Connect API using a python REPL like jupyter or ipython.

    See https://github.com/cloudblue/connect-python-openapi-client for more details.

    2. CloudBlue Connect Extensions

    2.1 Updated CloudBlue Commerce Extension


    It is required to install the latest ( version of the  Abstract Types Package and the latest (22.0-1) Extension Package into the CloudBlue Commerce instance in order to install any new versions of products. Otherwise, any new product package deployment will fail with errors like ‘Package metafile URI of type … not found‘.

    Added support for the UX1 Public Store and improved “cloud-native” deployments.

    Please see CB Commerce Extension v22 Release Notes for detailed information about CloudBlue Commerce Extension v22 release details.

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