Fulfillment Requests

Updated: March 23, 2021


Fulfillment requests represent product orders that are originated from Provider’s commerce system and sent to Vendor. Fulfillment requests are also interconnected with subscriptions and stored in the Subscriptions module. Thus, for instance, purchase requests create subscriptions, while cancel requests terminate them.


Fulfillment request can also be created manually to preview a product and for various test scenarios. Create a fulfillment request via the Directory tab and the Create Subscription button. Refer to Subscription Creation for more details.

To process fulfillment requests, Vendors require information not only relative to their product, but also about the customer, supply chain, marketplaces, etc. Therefore, the Connect platform displays such data via fulfillment request details within each request. Access fulfillment request details via the user interface (as described below) or via the Connect API.


Vendors are able to create product parameters that can be necessary to fulfill a request. Refer to Product Parameters for more information.

The following describes fulfillment request types, request statuses, how to access request details and how approve, inquire or reject a request.

Request Types

Each request is assigned to one of the following types:

With each type summarized in the following table:

#TypeDescriptionRequests : Subscriptions
Initial purchase of specified items that creates a request and a subscription.
Adjustments of included items and item unit quantity in a subscription.
any number of requests per a subscription
Requests that are switched to the administrative hold state.
any number of requests per a subscription
Requests that are switched back from the administrative hold state.
any number of requests per a subscription
Cancellation of a request and a subscription. In case a cancel request is submitted and not approved, associated subscription will be switched to “terminating” state.

Request Statuses

Each request status represents a particular stage in the fulfillment processing. Request statuses usually correlate with a particular subscription status. The following table covers all request statuses and provides their description:

#StatusDescriptionSubscription Status
InquiringTransient state of a request in case additional / corrected information is required.Processing
Tiers SetupTransient state of a request in case tier setup is required.Processing/Draft
3PendingTransient state assigned to a request when product fulfillment is pending. Depending on Vendor actions, a request can be switched to the “Inquiring” state, to the “Approved” state, or to the “Failed” state in case of an error.Processing
4ApprovedTerminal state assigned to a request in case a Vendor approved this request.Active
Terminal state assigned to a request in case a Vendor rejected this request. It is recommended to reject a request only in case of unrecoverable errors.Terminated
6DraftOptional transient state that can be used by a Provider to indicate temporal state while processing the order.

Request Details

Click on a request ID from the Fulfillment tab to access fulfillment request details screen.

The fulfillment request details screen provides general information like associated product, marketplace, subscription, and status.

Furthermore, this screen contains various data within the following tabs:

  • Reservation: This tab displays defined reservation items.
  • Pay as You Go: This tab displays created pay-as-you-go items.
  • Parameters: Access product parameters through this tab.
  • Details: This tab specifies dates, associated contracts, a commerce system and a provider.
  • Tiers: This tab contains customer account and reseller account information.
  • Requests Chain: This tab contains product available request chains.
  • Configuration: Access available configuration parameters via this tab.

Processing Fulfillment Requests

The fulfillment request details screen enables Vendors to process requests via the following buttons on the user interface:

  • Approve: Approve provided fulfillment request by clicking this button. Note that approving a fulfillment request is followed by your subscription activation template specified within the Embedding section.
  • Inquire: Click this button in case more information is required. This button is available in case at least one required parameter is presented.
  • Reject: Reject provided fulfillment request by clicking this button.


Click on ellipsis () icon to access Inquire and Reject buttons.

Click on the Not Assigned field to assign the fulfillment request to a specific user account.

In case a request is approved and not assigned, the system will assign this fulfillment request automatically.

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