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Updated: August 4, 2021


The Tier Configuration (Tier Config) module is used to assign configuration parameters to certain reseller accounts within the Distributor’s tiers hierarchy. This module helps partners manage and consolidate reseller information via Tier Configuration objects and their corresponding Tier Requests on the CloudBlue Connect platform.

The system generates a tier configuration instance and its associated tier request in case a specified product includes any Tier Scope parameter and a fulfillment request with this product is created. Therefore, the system transfers this fulfillment requests to the Tier Setup state until your tier request is approved and your tier configuration is activated.

Creating Resellers

Note that you can specify reseller accounts for your tier configurations by adding customers via the Customers module on the Connect platform. Refer to the Customers module documentation for more details.

Tier Configurations and Tier Request types are highlighted on the object relationship diagram below:

Tier Configuration Requests

Tier Configuration Requests (Tier Requests) represent instances on the CloudBlue Connect platform that allow Partners to consolidate tier parameter data and setup, update, or adjust tier configuration objects. Therefore, there are 3 types of tier requests on the Connect platform:

  • Setup: A request with this type is created with a new tier configuration object on the Connect platform. Vendors are required to process setup request and consequently activate their tier configurations. The system generates a new setup request for a new tier configuration only once.
  • Update: This type, as the name suggest, is used to update parameter data. The system requires Vendors to process these requests and consequently approve or reject specified updates.
  • Adjustment: This request type allows changing tier configuration data similar to update requests. However, creating and processing adjustment requests is available for Vendors only. Furthermore, note that the system enables Distributors to view such requests. Adjustments requests are especially helpful in case certain parameter data is outdated and no longer valid.

In addition, note that the system can generate T1 (Tier 1) level and T2 (Tier 2) level requests and corresponding tier configurations depending on specified product parameters. In case your product includes both Tier 1 and Tier 2 parameters, it is necessary to approve T2-level request before processing T1-level request.

All operations with tier requests are performed within the Requests tab of the Tier Config module.

More Information

Learn more Tier Configuration API, provided Tier Config module user interface and available Tier Config and Tier Request statuses by following the links below:

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