API Tokens

Updated: May 19, 2021

The following provides instructions on how to generate a new token on the CloudBlue Connect platform, describes available operations within the Tokens section of the Integrations module and showcases how to use your generated token.

Creating Tokens

Navigate to the Tokens section from the Integrations module on the Connect platform.

Click the Create Token button to launch a token creation wizard.

Follow the wizard steps to successfully configure a new token.

1. General

Specify the following general token properties:

  • Name: Enter your token name.
  • External ID: Specify an external identifier for your token (optional).
  • Description: Provide a description for your token.

Click Next to continue.

2. Extension

Select a token extension from the list:

  • Flowgear: Select this extension to create a new token for the Flowgear iPaaS platform.
  • Reports: Choose this extension to generate a token for Custom Reports creation.
  • Zapier: Select this extension to create a new token for the Zapier workflow automation platform.
  • Custom: Choose this option for your custom integration.

Click the Create button to finalize your token creation.

3. Summary

As a result, the system provides a summary with your token configurations.

Click the Go to Details button to access the token details screen. Otherwise, click Close to return to the Tokens section.

Token Management

The Tokens section displays a list of your created API tokens. Furthermore, this section provides various token data, such as your specified token name, selected extension, creation date, status, and more. Note that you can click on the vertical ellipsis () button to disable/enable or delete your token.

Click on your token name to access the Token Details screen. In addition to the aforementioned token data, this screen provides an API Key/Handle that is required for the integration operation, your specified description, extension description, etc.

Click the Edit button to change your General token properties. Note that you can also click on the vertical ellipsis () button to disable/enable or delete your token.

View or copy your API Key/Handle by using corresponding buttons on the user interface.

Using API Tokens

To use a particular API token for Connect API authentication, copy the API Key/Handle value from your generated token and paste it within the HTTP Authorization Header of your API requests.

For example, get your agreements list by using the following request with copied authorization value:

GET /agreements/
Authorization: ApiKey SU-160-984-311:f45bee7e79b10ff6eff67902ccb4f3d46724ceb8

Refer to the REST API documentation to learn more about Connect API.

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