Catalog Operations

Updated: July 13, 2021


The system enables Resellers access the Catalog module once Resellers successfully activated their account on the CloudBlue Connect platform. In case their hub and their marketplace are successfully created, Resellers will be able to enroll a syndication contract via the Catalog module.

Enrolling syndication contracts is required for Resellers to distribute selected products via their specified commerce systems. Therefore, the following tutorial showcases how to locate products that are available for reselling operations and how to enroll a syndication contract on the Connect platform.


Before proceeding with the provided tutorial, make sure that the following requirements are met

Reviewing Catalog

Navigate to the Catalog module to access products that are available for reseller operations.

The provided interface displays a list of products with their names, icons and descriptions. Click Show All next to your selected category to view all products of this category. Furthermore, you can use the search bar at the top-right corner of the screen to find a required product.

Click on your selected product to access the Product Information screen. Thus, the system allows accessing product overview, versions, video presentations, images, Vendor information and so on. Furthermore, Resellers can access Syndication Agreements and Direct (referral) Agreements sections to enroll corresponding contracts on the Connect platform.

Enrolling Contracts

The following scenario demonstrates ACreed LLC that selected the Apollo Pulse cloud storage service from the Catalog. The product distributor Mighty Mick’s LLC provides their syndication agreement in the corresponding tab. Therefore, ACreed LLC decided to distribute this product via their own marketplace and enroll a syndication contract. Follow the instructions below to successfully enroll your syndication contract on the Connect platform.

Access the Syndication Agreements tab of the Product Information screen. Thereafter, click the Enroll button to launch the syndication contract enroll wizard.

Follow the wizard steps to enroll your syndication contract:

  • Introduction: This step introduces your selected product and the syndication distributor.
  • Marketplace: Select your created marketplace that will be used to distribute your selected product.
  • Agreement: Review the provided agreement and check the I have read and accepted the agreement checkbox to continue.
  • Submit: Specify additional information if necessary. Click the Submit button to enroll your agreement.
  • Summary: As a result, the system provides your syndication contract summary.
    Click the Go to Details button to access the contract details screen. Otherwise, click Close to close the summary.

Note that thy system also enables Resellers to enroll additional syndication contracts by clicking the More button next to the syndication agreement. Therefore, the system allows using several marketplaces for your selected product. In this scenario, ACreed LLC enrolled one syndication contract.

Your Next Step

Once the Syndication Distributor approves this enrolled contract, Resellers will be able to examine the product data, offers and pricing details of this product. Furthermore, the system enables Resellers or their integrated commerce systems to generate subscriptions. Access the Subscription Management to proceed with the Reseller Tutorial.

Refer to the Syndication Agreement documentation in case you need more information on the syndication method concept. In addition, access the Catalog module documentation if you need more detailed description of the Catalog module.

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