Subscription Creation

Updated: May 13, 2021


In general, subscriptions and fulfillment requests are created automatically by specified hubs via the Connect API. However, it is also possible to create subscriptions manually to test out product ordering procedures and to preview a product. The following describes how to manually create a subscription on the Connect platform.

Create a new subscription via a subscription creation wizard from the Subscriptions module.

Click the Create Subscription button to launch the wizard. Follow the steps below to successfully configure a new subscription.

1. Introduction

The wizard will provide an introduction that explains the subscription concept.

Click Next to continue.

2. Environment

Select one of the available environments:

  • Test: Choose this environment to simulate production use.
  • Vendor internal test: Select this preview environment for internal Vendor testing scenarios (available for Vendors only).
  • Production: This environment is used to perform production subscription management scenarios.

Click Next to continue.

3. Product

Select your product in the following form.

Click Next to continue.

4. Marketplace

Choose a marketplace from the list.

Click Next to continue.

5. Tiers

Specify the number of reseller tiers that take part in the sales chain:

  • T1: Select this option to configure only a direct reseller of your customer.
  • T1+T2: Configure a direct reseller and a “reseller of the reseller” with this option.

Click Next to continue.

6. T2 Account

The T2 Account configuration is available in case the T1+T2 option is previously selected. The process of the T2 account configuration is similar to the T1 account configuration. Refer to the following step for more details.

7. T1 Account

Click on the New field to configure a new account. Thereafter, the system requires to provide account data. Click the Randomize button to fill out all required fields automatically.


Randomized account data is generated based on a country that is randomly selected from the list of countries associated with a specified marketplace.

Click Next to continue.

8. Customer Account

The process of the customer account configuration is similar to the T1 account configuration. Refer to the previous step for more details.

Create a new customer account and randomize customer account data. Thereafter, click the Next button to continue.

9. Select Items

The system will provide random item quantity in the following form. Edit quantity, add or change provided items by clicking corresponding buttons on the interface.

Click the Next button to continue.

10. Attributes

The system will provide random External ID and External UUID attributes. Edit or randomize the provided subscription attributes by using the corresponding buttons.

Click Next to continue.

11. Parameters

Provide your subscription parameters in the following form.


Specifying Subscription Parameters is an optional step that is available in case a Vendor created at least one ordering phase parameter. Provided options vary depending on the created parameter type.

Enable or disable the parameter by using the corresponding switch.

Click the Create button to finalize your subscription creation.

12. Summary

The wizard will provide your created subscription summary. Review the list of objects created during this process:

  • T1 Account: ID of a reseller that sells the product.
  • Customer Account: ID of a customer that ordered the product.
  • Subscription: ID of a new created subscription.
  • Fulfillment Request: ID of a pending request for the order fulfillment.

The summary list also provide clickable links that redirect to a corresponding object in a new window.

Click the Go to Details button to access your created subscription details screen. Otherwise, click Close to close the summary and the wizard.

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