Updated: March 9, 2021


Products represent substances, software or services that are provisioned, fulfilled, or manufactured by Vendors. Presenting all required product information (e.g., SKUs, product overview, video ads, and so on) on the CloudBlue Connect platform is called the Product Definition.

The Product Information Management (PIM) module enables Vendors to define and manage the following attributes of the Product Definition process:

GeneralYesYesGeneral attributes like Name, ID & Description.
MediaYesYesImages and video content attributes.
CapabilitiesAttributes defining various key product capabilities.
ItemsYesYesDefinition of the items (“SKUs”) of the Product.
ParametersYesVarious order flow attributes definitions.
EmbeddingYesYesAttributes for the Control Panel integrations.

And control versioning and localization of those attributes:

Products management module is available in the Vendor and Provider portals as illustrated below:

  • Vendor Portal is read-write
  • Provider Portal is read-only

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