Updated: November 4, 2022

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    Products represent goods, substances, software solutions or services that are provisioned, fulfilled, or manufactured by Vendors. Presenting all required product information (e.g., SKUs, product overview, video ads, and so on) on the CloudBlue Connect platform is referred as the Product Definition process.

    The Products Management module enables Vendors to define and manage various product attributes that are essential for listing products to marketplaces and presenting (or collecting) specific information from end-customers. Certain attributes are localizable and interconnected with a specific version of your product, while other attributes are not localizable and not versioned.

    The following introduces and describes attributes that represents the foundation for the Product Definition operations:

    GeneralYesYesGeneral attributes like Name, ID & Description.
    MediaYesYesImages and video content attributes.
    SettingsNoNoAttributes that define various key product capabilities.
    ItemsYesYesDefinition of the items (“SKUs”) of the Product.
    ParametersNoYesVarious order flow attributes definitions.
    EmbeddingYesYesAttributes for the Control Panel integrations.

    The Products module also allows addressing product version control and implementing various localizations. Therefore, some of the aforementioned attributes can be applied to a specific version or localization as schematically illustrates below:

    Benefits for Your Organization

    The Products Management module is increasingly beneficial for all actors of the supply chain. Consequently, it is highly important to outline how this module can benefit Vendors, Distributors and Resellers:

    Vendors: The Products module provides Vendors with a comprehensive set of settings and configurations to define every single feature of your product and control your product ordering process. Therefore, this module is increasingly helpful to present relevant and systematized product data as well as ordering specifications to your Distributors or Resellers. Which in turn streamlines product distribution and consequently skyrockets the sales.

    Distributors and Resellers: The Products module allows accessing and reviewing all required information about available products and the ordering process. Thus, Distributors and Resellers get a clear picture of the most relevant and up-to-date product data from a single module, eliminating the need to use several tools or platforms to view or store such information. This enables Distributors and Resellers to focus on the marketing strategies instead of spending time and resources on gathering product information.

    Functionality for Distributors & Resellers

    Note that Distributors can use the Products module to define and manage products groups that are essential for working with their Catalog. Refer to Catalog Management for more details.

    The Products module enables Distributors and Resellers to configure their hub connections via the product profile page. Refer to Product to Hub Connections for more details.

    The Connect platform also allows Distributors and Resellers configuring localization for each product. Therefore, your defined active translation will be used to provide product information for commerce or any other external systems.

    More Information

    Use the following sub-articles to access detailed description of each section within the Products module:

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