Pay as You Go Items

Updated: April 5, 2021


Pay-as-you-go items allows implementing the pay-as-you-go system on the Connect platform. The pay-as-you-go system, as the name suggest, based on the consumption or usage of a specified product rather than on a flat rate for a product or on a period of time.


Defining the pay-as-you-go items requires the enabled Pay-as-you-go setting in the Capabilities list. Furthermore, creating a product listing with these items is necessary for generating usage reports via the Usage module.

Enable the pay-as-you-go capability and navigate to the Pay As You Go tab from the Items section of your product profile page. Thereafter, follow the steps bellow to create pay-as-you-go items on the Connect platform.

Define your Pay as You Go Items

1. Create a new pay-as-you-go item

Click the Create Item button to define a new pay-as-you-go item.

2. Specify the general properties

Fill out the following general properties form:

  • Name: Enter your item name.
  • Manufacturer Part Number: Type your item MPN.
  • Description: Enter a short description of your item.

Click Next to continue.

3. Fill out the type form

Fill out the following type form:

  • Precision: Select data precision from the list. The system allows specifying decimals with 1, 2 ,4, or 8 digit precision and selecting integers.
  • Unit:  Choose a unit type. Megabyte per hour, megahertz per hour, or unit per hour. 

4. Save your created item

Click the Create button to finalize your pay-as-you-go item creation.

As a result, your defined pay-as-you-go item will be available on the Pay as You Go items list.

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