Pay as You Go Items

Updated: February 14, 2022

    Defining the pay-as-you-go items requires the enabled Pay-as-you-go setting in the Capabilities list. Creating a product listing with these items is necessary to initiate the Usage Flow. Furthermore, creating such items is essential for generating usage reports via the Usage module.

    Define Your Items

    Access the Pay As You Go tab from the Items section of your product profile page. Thereafter, click the Create Item button to define a new pay-as-you-go item.

    The following wizard help users to successfully configure their pay-as-you-go items.

    1. General

    Specify the general item properties:

    • Name: Enter your item name.
    • Manufacturer Part Number: Type your item MPN.
    • Description: Enter a short description of your item.

    Click Next to continue.

    2. Type

    Fill out the following type form:

    • Precision: Select data precision from the list. The system allows specifying decimals with 1, 2 ,4, or 8 digit precision and selecting integers.
    • Unit:  Choose a unit type. Megabyte per hour, megahertz per hour, or unit per hour. 

    Save Your Items

    Click the Create button to finalize your pay-as-you-go item creation.

    As a result, your defined pay-as-you-go item will be available on the Pay as You Go items list.

    It is also possible to review the provided item information by accessing the item details screen. Click the edit icon to update item name, MPN, or description.

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