Pricing Interface

Updated: February 17, 2022

    The following provides instructions on how to create a price list instance, generate a price list version, add a price list to a listing and perform other pricing operations by using the graphical user interface on the CloudBlue Connect platform.

    Price List Creation

    Create a new price list object by accessing the Pricing module and. Furthermore, the system also enables Vendors to generate a new price list via the product profile page. Note that by creating a price list, Vendors generate an initial price list version and specify its activation time and date.

    Click the Add Price List button to launch a price list creation wizard.

    Follow the wizard steps to successfully configure your price list.


    Specify the following general attributes:

    • Name: Enter a price list name in this field.
    • Currency: Select a currency for your price list. Note that the system filters the following marketplace options depending on your selected currency.
    • Precision: Choose your price precision from the list.
    • Description: Provide your price list description. Note that specifying description is a required procedure.

    Click Next to continue.


    Select your product in the following form. Note that at least one product should be selected.

    Click the Next button to continue.


    Specify a marketplace that supports your selected currency. Note that at least one marketplace should be selected

    Click Next to continue.


    Specify the following attributes for your initial price list version:

    • Start date: Select your price list version launch date.
    • Start time: Choose your price list version launch time.
    • Description: Edit your price list version description by using this field.


    Specified start date and start time will not serve as your price list version activation time and date. You can schedule your price list version activation once your price list is successfully created.

    Click Create to finalize your price list and creation.


    As a result, the system provides a summary for your generated price list and price list version objects

    Click the Go to Details button to access the price list details screen. Otherwise, click Close to close the summary.

    Version Details Screen

    Once a price list version is generated, Vendors can access the price version details screen to activate your version. schedule activation, edit or delete your price list version, manage price values, and perform other operations.

    Proceed to the Versions section of the Pricing module. Thereafter, click on the Start At value to access the price list version details.

    Vendors can also navigate to the price list details screen and access the version details from this screen.

    Populating Values

    Vendors can assign values to an individual item by clicking the edit icon from the Items list.

    Vendors can export and import item price values by clicking on the vertical ellipsis () and selecting the Download or Upload options. In addition, Vendors can update provided values by using the bulk update functionality via the corresponding tab.


    The system imports, exports and updates the item price data in the XLSX format. It is recommended to download the spreadsheet file and get familiar with provided spreadsheet tabs first. Thereafter, you can edit provided data and upload it to the Connect platform.

    Once all required values are specified, the system enables Vendors to activate price list version as described below.

    Version Activation

    Click the Activate button at the top right corner of the price list version details screen to activate your price list version or schedule its activation.

    Select the Schedule option to specify price list activation time and date. Note that the system uses the timezone specified in your

    Alternatively, select the Now option activate their price list version instantly by selecting the

    Once the system assigns the Scheduled or Activated status to a price list version, Vendors can update their listing and attach a price list to it.

    Managing Listings

    To make a price list visible to Distributors, Vendors are required to create a new listing instance or update their existing one and attach their new price lists. The instructions below showcase this operation:

    1. Proceed to the Listings module and click the Manage Listing button to launch the listing management wizard. In case you don’t have any listings, you can also create a new one by clicking the corresponding button on the interface.
    2. Follow the wizard steps to update your listing or generate a new listing request. Once the system asks to specify your required Action, select the Manage Listing option.
    3. Next, select your created price list in the following Price lists step. Continue to configure your listing by following the wizard steps.

    Once a new listing request is successfully submitted, the created price list will be available for Distributors. The system will also provide the updated listing summary and displays the selected price list.

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