Creating Product Listing

Updated: June 22, 2020

Switch Point

You come here after competing Product Definition where you have created and previewed a new product.

Request a Product Listing


Product listings are objects in Connect representing products that are listed for sale in provider marketplaces. A vendor can request a provider to place the vendor’s product listing in the provider’s marketplaces.

1. Start creating a product listing

In the Vendor Portal, navigate to the Listing module:

If a product version exists, the screen shows the Manage Listing button. Otherwise, it will prompt you to go to the Products module:

Click Manage Listing to start the listing wizard.

2. Review the introduction

Review the instructions on the Introduction page:

Click Next.

3. Select the product

On the Product tab, select the product you created for listing:

Click Next.

4. Select the provider

On the Provider tab, select the provider that is the owner of the marketplace you want to list the product in:

Click Next.

5. Select the marketplace

On the Marketplace tab, select the marketplace you want to add your product listing to:

Click Next.

6. Confirm the creation of a new listing


In this step, it is possible to either update an existing product listing or create a new one.

Since you create the first listing, the wizard will proceed to “New Listing”:

Click Next.

7. Submit the request for listing

On the Submit tab, review the association of the request with marketplace and its owner:

Click Submit.

8. Review the summary

On the final tab, review the summary of the created listing request containing a link to the listing request:

You created a pending Listing object and a Listing Request object, which is under review.

The provider receives a notification about the listing request.

Switch Point

To complete the creation of a product listing, switch to the provider role and follow the Activating Product Listing instructions.

Completion of the Product Listing Request

Switch Point

You come here after the provider approves the request for the product listing.

Open the Listing Request Details screen and pay attention to its current status:

The request for product listing is completed.


As a vendor, you finished creating a product listing and now your partner can sell your product in their marketplace.

Switch Point

In the Provider Tutorial, follow Ordering a Product to request the product on behalf of a customer.

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