Service Contracts

Updated: May 7, 2021

    Service contracts are created by Distributors to invite Resellers into the CloudBlue Connect platform. Thus, signed service contracts enable Distributors to collaborate with Resellers. Furthermore, by signing a service contract, Resellers can activate their Reseller Portal on Connect. The following contains instructions on how to create a service contract, describes available operations and provided data within the contract details screen, and showcases how to activate the aforementioned Reseller Portal.

    Service Agreement is Required!

    In case a service agreement is not presented, Distributors can create this agreement as described in Creating Service Agreements. Alternatively, Distributors can generate service agreements and service contracts while creating a Reseller-type Partner account via the Directory tab.

    Creating Service Contracts

    Once a service agreement is generated, Distributors can create a service contract by accessing the Partners module and navigating to the Contracts tab.

    Click the Create Contract button to launch a contract creation wizard.

    Follow the wizard steps to successfully create a new service contract.

    1. Type

    Select the Service contract type.

    Click Next to continue.

    2. Agreement

    Choose a service agreement from the list.

    Click the Next button to continue.

    3. Parameters

    Specify the following contract parameters:

    • Agreement creation permission: Enable your Reseller to create agreements by checking a corresponding checkbox. For example, check the Program checkbox and your Partner can create and manage program agreements within the platform. In case Delegate checkbox is available, you can delegate permissions on the service creation by selecting this option.
    • Kind: Select Test to create a testing contract. Select Production to create a genuine contract.
    • Note to signee: Leave a note to signee (required).

    Click Create to finalize your program contract creation.

    4. Summary

    Once a service contract is successfully configured, the system displays a summary.

    Copy the Activation link

    The summary step provides an Activation link. Copy this link and pass it to your Reseller. Thus, your Partner will be invited to sign up the contract and activate the Reseller Portal. Note that this activation link is also available from the Service contract details screen.

    Access the Service contract details screen by clicking the Go to Details button. Otherwise, click Close to close the wizard.

    Service Contract Details

    Click on your contract ID to access the Service contract details screen.

    This screen allows reviewing contract Status, its ID, update/expiration/creation date, Issuer, and Signee. Furthermore, this screen provides various data within the following tabs:

    • General: Access the contract Activation link, edit a note to your signee, and view the associated service agreement via this tab.
    • Permissions: Review specified service contract permissions via this tab. These permissions are delegated to your Partner, once this contract is activated.
    • Versions: This tab provides the signed service agreement and indicates its version. Invited Partners can also activate a new service agreement document by clicking the Sign button.

    Reseller Portal Activation

    Once a Reseller receives an invitation link, this Reseller can sign associated service contract and activate the Reseller Portal. Follow the steps below to successfully activate this portal and your service contract.


    The following contains guidelines on how to create a new Reseller account. In case you already have a Reseller account, the system prompts you to create a new one or use your created account to activate the contract.

    1. Review the contract

    Paste your received activation link to access the Contract activation screen.

    Review the provided agreement, enter your email and check I have read and accepted the agreement checkbox.

    Thereafter, click the Next button to continue.

    2. Configure the user properties

    Enter your full name and specify your password in the following form.

    Click Next to continue.

    3. Configure the company properties

    Enter your company name in the following form. It should represent a legal entity name. Include the entity type, such as Inc., LLC, GmbH, etc.

    Click the Next button to continue.

    4. Activate the contract

    Sign up the program contract and activate the portal by clicking the Activate button.

    Therefore, it is possible to proceed the activated portal and perform further operations on the CloudBlue Connect platform.

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