Updated: April 26, 2022


    The Embedding section within the product profile page enables Vendors to customize self-service embedding experience of the customers and resellers (in case your product supports tier configuration). Note that the embedding attributes are versioned and localized.

    In general, embedding configuration is essential for customizing user experience once a generated subscription is processed successfully. This includes your product description, getting started instructions, download links, message templates, and your configured actions that will be available for your customers. Such attributes are also available for your business partners to preview:

    Note that embedding configuration allows customizing messages in case tier configuration is approved, certain information is inquired, and so on.

    The following introduces and describes all available attributes within the Embedding section.


    The General tab provides general embedding customization settings, such as a product description, getting started instructions, download links, and documentation links.


    Description: Enter your product description. The description text has to be less than 256 characters long.

    Getting Started: Provide your getting started material. This field supports up to 4096 characters.

    Download Links

    Use the provided interface to specify static download links required for your customers:

    • Title: Type your download link title.
    • URL: Enter your download link.

    Documentation Links

    Use the provided interface to specify static links to your documentation:

    • Title: Type your documentation title.
    • URL: Enter your documentation link.


    Access the Embedding tab to customize messages that will be shown to users during various states. This includes a pending template, inquiring templates, and subscription approved templates.

    Pending Template

    Customize a “pending” state message by editing this template. Namely, this message will be displayed to users that ordered a product and created a fulfillment request.

    Inquiring Template

    Provide an “inquiring” state message with this template. Therefore, this message will be displayed to users that are required to provide necessary information and fill out your activation form.

    Subscription Approved Template

    Customize a “subscription approved” message with this template. This message will be displayed to users in case their fulfillment requests are approved and subscription is activated.

    Tier Configuration Approved Template

    Use this template to create a message that is displayed once a tier configuration request is successfully approved. Note that this template is available in case Reseller Authorization capability is enabled.


    The Actions tab enables Vendors to define and customize required actions for the embedding experience. Furthermore, this tab also allows accessing endpoint URL configuration and JWT secret.

    Actions list

    The Actions list displays your customized buttons on the customer embedding service service screen. Follow the steps below to successfully create a new action button.

    1. Click Create Action to create a new action button.

    2. Fill out the action creation form:

    • ID: Enter a unique identifier for this action button.
    • Title: Type a title for your action button.
    • Description: Enter a short action button description in this field.
    • Scope: Select a scope for your action button.


    Your selected scope will define your methods for working with the Connect API. Thus, for instance, in case the Subscription scope is selected, an API call to invoke your action should contain the corresponding asset_id.

    Furthermore, note that Tier 1 and Tier 2 scopes available only with the enabled Reseller Authorization capability from the Capabilities section.

    3. Click Create to finalize your action button creation.

    Thus, your action button will be successfully created and it will be displayed on the Actions list.

    Endpoint URL

    Use this setting to customize redirect URL of the product API.

    Click on the Edit icon to edit your endpoint URL.

    JWT secret

    Use this setting to view or generate your JSON Web Token secret.

    Click on the Show Secret icon to display a JWT secret.
    Click on the Refresh icon to generate a new JWT secret.

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