Marketplace Interface

Updated: November 29, 2021

The following showcases how to successfully register a new marketplace and perform other operations with marketplaces on the CloudBlue Connect platform. It is also recommended to familiarize yourself with the Marketplace Overview first.

Marketplace Registration

Proceed to the Marketplace module to access a list of your marketplaces. In general, marketplace object can be added automatically via the Marketplace API. However, the system also allows creating a new marketplace manually by using a specific wizard.

Click the Create Marketplace button from the Marketplaces tab to launch the aforementioned wizard.

Thereafter, follow the wizard steps to successfully register your marketplace.

1. General

Specify your general marketplace properties:

  • Name: Enter a descriptive marketplace name.
  • Logo: Upload an image that will represent your marketplace logo (optional).
  • Countries: Select one or more countries that your marketplace should serve.
  • Currency: Specify a currency that will be used in your marketplace.
  • Description: Enter a short description of your marketplace (optional).

Click Next to continue.

2. Hubs

Fill out the following Hubs form:

  • Hubs: Select your previously registered hub. You can add more hubs to this list if necessary.
  • Tier Account External ID: Enter the ID of the account that sells products supplied through Connect on the external side. This must be an ID assigned to the account by the external system that the hub represents here.

Click the Next button to continue.

3. Price list attributes

Specify the price list attributes as follows:


Note that at least one of the following attributes should be selected.

  • Price represents Distributors cost (i.e., wholesale price of an item from a Vendor to a Distributor).
  • Suggested T0 Price (MSRP) is Vendor’s price suggested to Retail Customer.
  • Suggested T1 Price is Vendor’s price suggested to Direct Reseller.
  • Suggested T2 Price represents Vendor’s price suggested to Reseller.
  • The Custom attributes option allows adding a custom attribute and its description.

Click Create to finalize your marketplace creation.

4. Summary

As a result, the system provides the following summary:

Review the summary and click the Close button. Alternatively, click Go to Details button to access the Marketplace Details screen.

Marketplace Details

Click on your marketplace name from the provided list to access the Marketplace Details screen:

This screen displays various information on your selected marketplace. Namely, you can access its update or creation date, its ID, and the number of associated contracts.

Note that Marketplace Details can be used to review general marketplace information (e.g., name and icon), provided settings (e.g., selected countries and currency), associated hubs, and selected price list attributes. Edit the aforementioned parameters by clicking the Edit button.

It is also possible to remove your marketplace by clicking on the () icon and selecting the Delete option.

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