Objects Explorer

Updated: June 24, 2022


    The majority of modules that are available on the CloudBlue Connect platform include objects with distinctive and non-trivial workflows. Understanding such workflows can be essential for various technical and business scenarios. For example, to successfully process fulfillment requests, it is required to get familiar with the workflow of such objects. Furthermore, in case your fulfillment request requires to complete tier configuration, it is also necessary to familiarize yourself with the workflow of tier configuration requests first. 

    Objects Explorer is designed to help developers and users quickly and efficiently grasp the workflow concepts throughout all objects on the Connect platform. Object Explorer also provides detailed description of all available object statuses and outlines conditions for object transitions from one status to another. It consists of diagrams that schematically illustrate workflows of all applicable objects on the platform. Thus, these diagrams allow you to visualize and immediately learn about each status and transition.

    Once you select an associated object from the provided list, the interface allows navigating between objects statuses and learn more about the object’s workflow by using the documentation below the diagram. Hover your cursor over available status icons or transitions to highlight them. Click on a status icon to display detailed information on your selected state, available operations, associated transitions and more. Note that it is also possible to click on a transition to access its description, prerequisites, and other information.

    Associated Objects

    The following provides a list with all objects on the Connect platform that include their own workflows, statuses and transitions. Note that certain object status transitions depend on particular workflows of other objects or actions on Connect (e.g., listing object transitions cannot be performed without processing listing requests first; suspending or resuming subscriptions is impossible without activating the corresponding functionality in the product settings, etc.). Objects that do not have statuses or transitions are not included in this list.

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