v30 Release Notes

Updated: November 29, 2023

    Release Date: November 28, 2023

    This release brings new and enhanced features, better scalability, smoother workflows, and a richer user experience on CloudBlue Connect. 

    1. CloudBlue Connect Platform

    1.1 PIM Localization

    PIM module has extended its localization capabilities and now supports localization of all the product information model entities, including attributes, groups, classes, and categories. Distributors can now localize all attribute types (text, drop-down, measure, file and image) together with their corresponding fields like name, description, hints and other fields that apply to a particular attribute type:

    For groups, classes, and categories, Distributors can only localize the Name field.

    1.2 Tier product parameters – Parameter dependencies

    Tier ordering parameters now also support the parameter dependency configuration:

    1.3 Subscriptions – New distributor filter

    The Subscriptions module has added a new Distributor column and filter option to the Fulfillment section to simplify the fulfillment request search for Vendors:

    1.4 Product item groups – Group item list

    Group items previously editable only as an item property, now have their own UI and can be managed in Items on the Groups tab.

    1.5 Usage – Usage reports for terminated subscriptions

    To align with different vendors’ usage reporting schemes, Connect now allows Vendors to submit usage for terminated subscriptions. To include terminated subscriptions into usage reports, go to the product settings and switch on Late Charges under the Pay as you go menu:

    1.6 Extensions – EaaS orchestration improvements

    1.6.1 Pre-built docker image in EaaS 

    To improve stability, avoid issues after restarting an environment that can be caused by updated or removed extension dependencies, and simplify rollback to the previous version, the docker image of the extension is now built before the container deployment.

    1.6.2 Improved upgrade functionality 

    The software upgrade functionality has been improved in the following ways:

    • automatic rollback to the previous version in case there are issues with deploying the new one
    • new software version indicator
    • rolling updates, allowing deployments’ update to take place with zero downtime

    1.6.3 EaaS extension autoscaling

    The new autoscaling feature dynamically adjusts the number of containers depending on the current load (CPU, memory usage and pending tasks): 

    • scaling up by increasing the number of instances
    • scaling down by turning off instances in the stand-by mode

    1.7 Data Streams Processing – New transformation 

    A new transformation function Lookup CloudBlue billing request data allows you to get the CloudBlue billing request data by the subscription ID or parameter value:

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