Updated: May 5, 2021


The Partners Management module allows examining, adding and managing associated Partners, Contracts and Agreements on the CloudBlue Connect platform. Partners represent Vendors, Distributors, or Resellers that signed and activated corresponding contract with your account.

The Partners module provides a centralized place to review all necessary information pertaining to companies your organization works or collaborates with. The module makes it easy to access required legal contracts and your partner account data. In addition, this module enabled Connect users to simplify various operations, such as creating an agreement, activating a contract and managing partner accounts. Therefore, the Partners module streamlines all required operations related to your partner data and legal documents, eliminating the need to use several platforms for accessing such information and managing your contracts or agreements.

The Directory tab from the Partners module contains a list with your associated Partners.

This list contains provided Technical and Business Contacts, displays the number and of signed Contracts and Agreements, product Listings and Status of your Partners.

The Contracts tab allows signing and managing business contracts with your Partners. Refer to Contracts for more information.

The Agreements tab enables you to examine, edit and create agreements with your Partners. Refer to Agreements for more information.

Creating Partners

The Directory tab allows inviting Vendors and Resellers by generating an invitation link. Furthermore, it is possible to create a new Vendor or Reseller account for you and your previously added users. Follow the steps below to create a new Partner on the Connect platform.


It is possible to create required agreements and contracts during your Partner account creation.

Proceed to the Partners module on the Connect platform. Thereafter, click the Create Partner button from the Directory tab to launch a wizard.

Follow the instructions of this wizard to successfully invite your Partner or a create Partner account.

1. Partner details

Specify your Partner details in the following form:

  • Type: Select Vendor or Reseller type of your Partner.
  • Partner name: Enter a name for your Partner’s account.
  • Partner external ID: Specify your Partner ID for your external system (optional).
  • Create new agreement: Check this checkbox to generate a new agreement within the following wizard step.

Click Next to continue.

2. Agreement

Select a required Agreement from the following list.

In case the Create new agreement checkbox is checked, the wizard requires to fill out the following form:

  • Name: Enter a name for your agreement.
  • Description: Provide a description for your agreement.
  • Document source: Select a corresponding option to provide your agreement document. Paste a URL to your document or upload your file to the system. Otherwise, select None to skip this configuration.

No document source

In case documentation source is not defined, only your specified agreement description will be shown to your Partner.

Click Next to continue. Thus, a new agreement will be created and selected for your generating Partner.

3. Marketplace

In case the Vendor Partner type is selected, the wizard asks you to select a marketplace from the following list. Thereafter, Connect automatically creates a distribution agreement for your selected marketplaces.


Note that it is only possible to select marketplaces without previously created distribution agreements. Otherwise, the system will display a corresponding error.

Alternatively, you can leave this form empty to specify your marketplace later. In this case, distribution agreement will not be created.

Click Next to continue.

4. Action

Select one of the following options from this wizard step:

  • Create vendor/reseller account: Select this option to create a Vendor or Reseller account for you and you previously added users.
  • Generate invitation link: Choose this option to generate an invitation link and invite your Partner to complete the registration.

Click the Next button to continue.

5. Account details

In case the Create vendor/reseller account option is selected, Connect asks you to add users to your generating account.

If you want to select all available users, check the corresponding checkbox and click the Add button.

6. Summary

Once your Partner creation is successfully completed, the system provides a summary.

In case Generate invitation link option is selected, this summary provides an Activation link. Copy this link and pass it to your Partner. Thus, your Partner will be invited to complete the registration and activate a Vendor or Reseller account.

Access your Partner details screen, specified agreement or contract by clicking on a corresponding contextual link. Otherwise, click Close to return to the Directory tab.

Partner Details

Once your Partner activates and signs a required agreement, you can access the Partner Details screen by clicking on your Partner’s account name from the Directory tab. Furthermore, you can access this details screen by clicking on a contextual link from a corresponding agreement.

Partner Details provides your Partner’s overview, information, business and technical contacts from the General tab.

The Contracts tab contains all created contracts and agreements with your Partner. Furthermore, this tab indicates your contract status and displays your associated marketplace. Use the Contracts tab to sign and activate your updated agreements.

The Contacts tab allows focusing on the technical and business contacts of your Partner.

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