Vendor Tutorial

Updated: June 15, 2020

In this tutorial, you will get skills in performing basic vendor operations in Connect. Being oriented on vendors, it is also helpful for providers and closely bound with Provider Tutorial.


Before you get started, please read Introduction and Portals first; this will get you acquainted with the overall concepts of the Connect platform and its UI.

Tutorial Structure


Since every business flow requires activities from both sides (provider and vendor), during this learning course, you will change your role to Provider or Vendor and perform a required action following one or another tutorial. The start point is Provider Tutorial.

The instructions in this tutorial will walk you through vendor main management steps starting from accepting an invitation for partnership and opening the portal for the first time to receiving the first order from a provider’s client.

First Step

Sign a Program Contract is the first step of this tutorial that you start after getting an invitation from the provider created in the Invite your vendor step.

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