Updated: February 15, 2021


Subscriptions represent instances of a product that are provisioned for customers. Subscriptions contain purchase or activation related data, such as purchased items of a specified product, originators of this subscription, reseller information, product parameters, and other information within one of the following scopes:

  • Either collected from customers during the ordering phase.
  • Or stored during the fulfillment phase.

The following describes available sections and data within the Subscriptions module on the Connect platform.


The Directory section stores a list with your activated, processing, suspended, or terminated subscriptions.

Furthermore, this section contains your test subscriptions and subscription drafts. Refer to Subscription Creation to learn more about the manual creation of test subscriptions.

Subscription Details

Click on a subscription ID to access the subscription details screen.

The subscription details screen provides general information like associated product, marketplace, request in progress, subscription ID and status.

Furthermore, the subscription details screen contains various data within the following tabs:

  • Control Panel: Preview a subscription activation via this tab. Configure subscription activation template via the Embedding section from the product profile page.
  • Reservation: This tab displays defined reservation items.
  • Pay as You Go: This tab displays created pay-as-you-go items.
  • Parameters: Access product parameters through this tab.
  • Details: This tab specifies dates, associated contracts, a commerce system and a provider.
  • Tiers: This tab contains customer account and reseller account information.
  • Fulfillment: The fulfillment tab, as the name suggest, contains your fulfillment requests.
  • Billing: Access billing request via this tab.

Provider and Customer Actions

Click the Action button to modify your subscription or simulate different scenarios.

Provider Actions allows creating a billing request and also suspending or resuming your subscription. Note that a subscription should be active before creating a billing request. Furthermore, your billing requests are stored within the billing section of Subscriptions module.


In case you want to enable the resume and suspend providers actions, make sure that the Administrative Hold capability within the Capabilities section is switched on.

Customer Actions allow changing a subscription, for example, to reduce quantity of provided items or to request new items. Furthermore, the system allows canceling a subscription by clicking the Cancel button.


The Fulfillment section displays your order fulfillment requests. Note that fulfillment requests are interconnected with subscriptions. Refer to Fulfillment Request to learn more about fulfillment request, their types, statuses, request details and how to process a fulfillment request on the Connect platform.


The Billing tab stores your billing request. Click on a billing request ID to access the billing request details screen.

The Connect platform provides the following billing request types:

  • Vendor billing: This billing request type is created by Vendors via the Usage module.
  • Provider billing: This type is created by Provider’s commerce systems.

Use the billing request details screen to examine the billing period, reservation items, pay-as-you-go items , parameters, request details, tier account data, billing attributes, and other general request information.

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