Updated: August 18, 2021


The Catalog module on the CloudBlue Connect platform enables Distributors and Resellers to access a list of products that can be used to enroll agreements and that consequently can be provisioned via specified marketplaces. Presented products are collected from the following two types of sources: Private Inventory and Wholesale Catalog.


Private Inventory represents a set of products gathered through distribution contracts that are signed with Vendors. Furthermore, Vendors are required to define their Products on the Connect platform and submit a listing request. Thereafter, the system displays defined products within the private inventory of the Catalog module.
Wholesale Catalog is a set of products shared by the top-level Distributors for all Resellers onboarded to Connect through signing service contracts. Therefore, Resellers can provision these products by enrolling provided agreements.

The Catalog module can be increasingly helpful for Distributors and Resellers. This module can be used to get familiar with presented products and view marketplaces that these products are listed in. Furthermore, the Catalog module provides detailed product overviews and agreement insights. By accessing this systemized product catalog, Resellers can find new appealing products to provision via their own marketplaces, which in turn benefits Distributors. Thus, the Catalog module enables Distributors and Resellers to create sale chains by collaborating and enrolling syndication agreements on the CloudBlue Connect platform.

Catalog Interface

Proceed to the Catalog module from the Connect user interface to access the aforementioned list of products. Note that this module is only available for Distributors and Reseller accounts.

The Catalog module displays products that can be a part of the Wholesale Catalog or Private Inventory. The system provides the following tags to indicate product distinctive attributes:

  • Available: This tag is presented in case the product is available for distribution.
  • Inventory: This tag indicates that the product is a part of the private inventory.

Note that the provided user interface also allows focusing on a specific group of products by clicking on a product category. Connect users can also find a required product by using the search box in the top-right corner of the screen. Furthermore, Distributors or Resellers can access the Product Information screen to review the product and enroll required agreements as described below.

Product Details

Click on your selected product from the Catalog module to access the Product Information screen.

The Product Information screen includes uploaded images and videos describing your selected product. These files are specified within the Media product attributes.

Furthermore, the Product Information screen provides various insights and allows performing various operations within the following tabs:

  • Overview: This section contains detailed product overview, product category, and Vendor information.
  • Syndication Agreements: Access provided syndication agreements and enroll your syndication contract via this section.
  • Direct Agreements: This tab displays available direct (referral) agreements and allows enrolling your referral program contract.
  • Resources: This section provides data sheets, sales guides, presentations and other provided product documentation.
  • Versions: Access product version information and product updates via this tab.

In case a selected product features several localization options, it is possible to change displayed language by clicking on the corresponding button from the top-right corner of the Product Details screen. Furthermore, note that it is possible to create a test subscription by clicking the Launch Preview button.

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