Updated: February 17, 2022


    The Catalog module represents a systemized list of products that displays detailed information on each product and that is used to enroll defined sourcing (syndication and referral) agreements on the CloudBlue Connect platform.

    The Catalog module is increasingly helpful for organizations that collaborate via the Connect platform. Namely, this module allows companies to learn more about presented products that can be used for syndication operations and for creating sale chains. Furthermore, the Catalog module allows accessing provided syndication and referral agreements that can be used to enroll corresponding contracts. Therefore, by accessing the Catalog module, invited Resellers and Distributors can find all required information about new products and perform all required operations to provision these products via their own marketplaces.


    The following diagram introduces and describes the Catalog module concept with Vendor, Distributor and Reseller interconnections on the CloudBlue Connect platform:

    Distributors define their program agreements and distribution agreements that serve as templates for corresponding contracts and that are used to collaborate with Vendors on the Connect platform.

    Once Vendors define their product on Connect, the system enables such Vendors to submit a listing request. Therefore, this product that can be provisioned via the Distributor’s marketplace and included within the product catalog on Connect. Distributors can also define product groups and sourcing agreements with enlisted products.

    Resellers are invited on Connect by signing their service contracts with Distributors. Service contracts are based on their corresponding service agreements that are also created by Distributors. Once Resellers can access the Connect platform, the system provides such Resellers with products in the Catalog module. Thereafter, Resellers can select required products and enroll a sourcing contract. In case the Sourcing Distributor successfully sign the contract, Resellers will be able to provision selected products via their own marketplaces.

    Catalog Visibility

    Note that defined products will not be visible within the Catalog unless these products are successfully grouped and included in the Service Agreement. Refer to the Catalog Management documentation for more information on product groups and the Catalog Visibility.

    The CloudBlue Connect platform also allows Distributors to link multiple product groups to the same service agreement as well as multiple service agreements as schematically illustrated in the following diagram:

    Once Vendors submit listing requests with their products, Distributors can create product groups that include products of one or multiple Vendors.

    Next, created product groups should be attached to one or multiple service agreements. A service agreement represents a template that can be used to enroll one or several service contracts with Resellers.

    In addition, the Connect platform also allows invited business partners to enroll a sourcing (syndication or referral) contract for each product within selected product groups. Syndication and referral contracts are also based on corresponding syndication and referral agreements that are defined by Distributors.

    More Information

    Refer to the following articles to learn how to create product groups, manage product group visibility and how to use the provided graphical user interface in the Catalog module.

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