Updated: October 14, 2020

In the Provider Portal, a Catalog is an object that contains a list of products available for the provider. They are collected from two different types of sources:

  • Private inventory is a set of products that is gathered through distribution contracts signed with vendors.
  • The wholesale Catalog is a set of products shared by the top-level providers for all other providers onboarded to Connect through signing service contracts. A provider can see the products that are associated with Sourcing Agreements accepted by this provider.

The main focus of this document is the products coming from the wholesale catalog.

Getting a List of Products

On the Catalog main page, a provider finds the list of all products available for this particular provider:

In the above list, the following tags indicate product specifics:

  • Available: The product is available for sale.
  • Private: The product is a part of the private inventory.

Product Details

On the Direct Agreements tab of the product details screen, the provider finds a link to the sourcing agreement created by the parent provider:

To get information on the agreement, the provider clicks the respective link. This provides the following data:

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