Subscription Management

Updated: January 24, 2022


    Once Resellers received access to their selected product, the system enable such Resellers to examine specified items, offers, price lists, and other information via the Products module. More importantly, the system enables Resellers transfer product orders and register customer (and reseller) accounts on the CloudBlue Connect platform.

    In general, product orders are automatically transferred from a Reseller’s hub to the Connect platform as subscriptions. Furthermore, the system also automatically processes customers and resellers as tier accounts. Note, however, that it is possible to manually create tier accounts and generate subscriptions via the Customers and Subscriptions modules on the Connect platform.

    Creating tier accounts and subscriptions manually can be increasingly helpful for testing scenarios and for Resellers that didn’t integrate their commerce system with the Connect platform yet. Follow the instructions below to manually register tier accounts and generate subscriptions.


    Make sure that the following prerequisites are met:

    Creating Tiers

    Navigate to the Customers section to access the tier accounts list. The Connect platform usually registers your new customers and resellers automatically and displays your tier accounts in this list. Note, however, that the system allows creating tiers via a customer creation wizard as described below.


    The system requires creating at least one reseller account before creating customer accounts. Therefore, your created reseller account can be a parent tier account for your customers.

    Click the Create Customer button to launch the wizard.

    Follow the wizard steps to successfully create a tier account:

    1. Type: Select either customer or reseller account type. Note that customer account should have at least one parent reseller.
    2. Parent account: Choose a parent account from the list. In case the reseller type is selected
    3. Account data: Specify the account data in the following form. Note that you can randomize data and clear the filled form by using corresponding buttons on the user interface.
    4. Summary: The system provides a summary as a final step; therefore, your tier account will be successfully created.
      Click Go to Details to review your created tier account data. Otherwise, click Close to close the summary.

    In this scenario, ACreed LLC created one reseller account and one customer account. Therefore, ACreed LLC can manually generate a subscription as described below.

    Creating Subscriptions

    Once customer and reseller accounts are be successfully registered, Resellers can create subscriptions via a wizard in the Subscriptions module. The following guidelines showcase how to manually create subscriptions on the Connect platform.

    Syndication Contract must be approved!

    Make sure that your Syndication Distributor approved your syndication contract. Otherwise, it is impossible to perform the following operation. Check you enrolled contract status by navigating to the Partners module and accessing the Contracts tab.

    Access the Subscriptions module and click the Create Subscription button to launch the wizard.

    Follow the wizard steps to successfully generate a subscription:

    In this scenario, ACreed LLC selects the production environment since their subscription is generated for business purposes. ACreed LLC also specifies the created marketplace and acquired product Apollo Pulse.

    The aforementioned product doesn’t include any price lists, offers, and plans. Therefore, ACreed LLC keeps these forms intact.

    Next, the wizard prompts to specify customer account and review it. ACreed LLC selected a customer account created earlier.

    ACreed LLC’s customers requested 50 GB storage space of the Apollo Pulse Express cloud storage service. Thus, ACreed LLC adds Apollo Pulse Express item and enters “50 GB” as the quantity value.

    Lastly, ACreed LLC specifies subscription attributes in the corresponding step. The selected product doesn’t provide any ordering parameters. Therefore, ACreed LLC keeps this form intact and proceeds with the subscription creation.

    The wizard provides a summary as the final step. Click Go to Details to access your created subscription details or click Close to close the summary.


    Once Resellers successfully register required tier accounts and generate subscriptions for their partners, the Order Flow will be initiated. In case your created subscription is activated, this business flow will be successfully completed.

    Therefore, Resellers acquired necessary skills to perform basic operations on the CloudBlue Connect platform. Access the Subscription module documentation in case you need more information on subscriptions, subscription requests and the provided user interface. Refer to the Customers module documentation if more details about customer or reseller accounts.

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