Agreement Versions

Updated: May 16, 2022


    Agreements represent versioned templates that are created by Distributors to sign corresponding Contracts with other accounts (Vendors or Resellers). Therefore, Distributors are required to generate an agreement before creating contracts on the CloudBlue Connect platform. There are several types of agreements on the CloudBlue Connect platform. This includes program agreements, distribution agreements, service agreements, referral agreements, and syndication agreements. Consequently, each agreement is used to collaborate with Vendors, invited Distributors, or Resellers and serves as a template for corresponding contract type. Agreement objects also feature agreement versions. Agreement versions, as the name implies, represent various versions (i.e., different document versions) of your agreement. Note that agreement objects don’t include statuses or transitions. However, the system provides a specific workflow for agreement versions. Thus, for example, the Connect platform enables Distributors to create agreement versions in the Active or Inactive state. In case certain criteria are met, your agreement version can be activated, deactivated or deleted. Access required statuses and transitions for further description details.

    Additional Information

    Please refer to the Partners module documentation for more information.

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