Enrolling to CloudBlue Marketplace

Updated: October 20, 2021

    The following provides instructions on how to successfully list your product to the CloudBlue Direct Marketplace. Note that before enlisting your defined product, it is required to activate corresponding program and distribution contracts with CloudBlue. Thereafter, your organization can start collaborating with CloudBlue and enlist your specified product to the CloudBlue Marketplace.

    Please reach out the CloudBlue Connect team to receive your required program contract activation link and the required Connect agreements.

    Program Contract Activation

    Once you contact the CloudBlue Connect team, your organization will receive a link to CloudBlue program agreement. If your company does not have a registered Connect account, activate your portal and your contract as described in the Vendor Tutorial article. In case you already have an activated Vendor Portal, open the provided link and follow the steps below:

    1. Review the provided agreement document by clicking on the corresponding link..
    2. Enter your email and check I have read and accepted the agreement checkbox.
    3. Specify your password to confirm the ownership of your account.
    4. The system prompts you to select your existing account or create a new one. Once you select your existing account, the system adds the Connect program contract to your account. In case a new account is selected, it is required to use a standalone account to work with the Connect Marketplace.
    5. Click the Activate button to finalize your program contract activation.

    As a result, you will successfully add Connect program contract to your account. Thereafter, it is required to proceed to the Connect Portal and enroll Connect distribution agreement as described below.

    Enroll Your Distribution Agreement

    After the successful program agreement activation, you can access your new distribution agreement within the Partners module. Navigate to this module and switch to the Agreements tab. Locate the Connect distribution agreement and click the Enroll button:

    Review the provided agreement by using the following form. Thereafter, check I have read and accepted the agreement checkbox and click the Enroll button. Thus, you will successfully enroll the distribution agreement and create distribution contract with CloudBlue.

    List Your Product

    Once the distribution contract is successfully activated, the system allows Vendors to list their product to the CloudBlue Marketplace. Note that the Connect Marketplace is usually referred to as Direct Marketplace within the Connect graphical user interface.

    Your product should be fully configured

    Make sure that your product is properly configured before submitting your listing request, since your product will be thoroughly reviewed. Refer to the Products module documentation for more details.

    List your product to the Direct Marketplace as follows:

    1. Access the Listing module and click Manage Listings to launch the listing management wizard.
    2. Follow the wizard steps to select your required product.
    3. Once the wizard prompts you to specify the distributor, select the CloudBlue account.
    4. Next, it is required to select Direct as the marketplace for your product.
    5. Keep following the wizard instructions to successfully configure listing request.

    Therefore, your organization will submit a request to CloudBlue. Note that your listing and your product review will take 1-2 business days. If your product is missing crucial data (such as items, description, media, etc.), your listing request will be rejected and sent back for correction. In case your product includes all required information and your listing request is approved, your product will be successfully listed to the CloudBlue Marketplace.

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