Updated: June 2, 2020

The Account module enables a provider or vendor staff to view and manage their account general properties and users.

Data Model

The business objects managed by the Account module are the current account, users, groups, and permissions.


There are two types of accounts representing two types of collaborating companies or organizations:

  • Provider: an account that represents a service provider who is the owner of at least one commerce management system integrated with Connect.
  • Vendor: an account that represents a vendor of services or goods.


Every account must have at least one user that can invite other users to join that account. A user can belong to several accounts, no matter whether they are providers or vendors, like in the following example:

In the above diagram, User 3 belongs to both Vendor and Provider accounts.

Creating Accounts

A provider can invite a partner that does not have an account in Connect to be a vendor or provider by signing one of the following contracts with them:

For details on creating an account refer to the respective links above.

Account Management

The Account main page looks similar in the Provider Portal and Vendor Portal. Use the left-hand side tabs to switch to one of the following screens:

  • General displays the general data about the account, such as the account ID and name.
  • Users displays a list of users who can access the portal as the account staff. You can add and remove users in this list.
  • Terms (available only for providers) displays the service contract used to create this account and a list of permissions on creating various agreements as described in Service Contracts.

User Management

On the Users tab of the Account main page, you can create new users, add existing users to the account, or delete them from the account.

Adding Users

To add a new or existing user to the account, click Add User in the top right corner and configure the user profile in the pop-up window:

  • Role: Assign a security role to the user.
  • Email: Enter the email that will be used as the login name when the user logs in the Connect portal.

Click Add to complete the user creation. Connect sends a notification to the user. If the user is not registered in Connect yet, the notification will contain a link to the registration process. If the user already exists in Connect, this account will be available for that user immediately.

Removing Users

To remove a user from the account, find that user in the list, then open the menu on the right edge of the corresponding row, and select Delete:

In the pop-up window, click Delete to confirm the operation.

Managing Own User Profile

A user can edit their own profile by performing the following steps.

1. Open the user profile

To open the user profile, click View Profile in the top right corner:

2. Edit personal information and settings

In the Personal Information and Personal Settings panes, edit personal parameters as necessary:

3. Manage notifications

On the Email Notification Settings pane, select whether you want to receive email notifications:

Removing the User

The user profile screen also allows you to delete the user from the current account. This operation is available in the Manage User pane:

To remove the user whose credentials you use to log in, click Delete.


Be aware that after completing this operation you cannot use this user credentials to manage the current account.

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