Updated: May 4, 2022


    The Account module enables Distributor, Reseller or Vendor representatives to review and manage account properties, such as users, groups, contacts, account links. Furthermore, the Account module is used to quickly configure Helpdesk settings, review service contract terms, manage Reports templates and repositories, and more.

    There are three types of accounts that represent collaborating companies or organizations:

    • Distributor: This account represents a service distributor that owns at least one commerce management system integrated with the Connect platform.
    • Vendor: An account that represents a development company, manufacturer of goods, or service vendor.
    • Reseller: This account represents an organization that owns a specific marketplace and that is invited by a Distributor to provision products via this marketplace.

    Note that the number of provided account settings vary depending on your account type. Thus, for example, Vendors cannot access the Contracts tab since the Service Contract terms is available for Distributors only.


    Distributor, Reseller or Vendor staff that can access the CloudBlue Connect platform are presented as users of a certain account. Note that every account should have at least one user that can invite other users to join that account.

    Users can also belong to several accounts, no matter whether they are Distributors, Resellers or Vendors. The following diagram schematically illustrates such a scenario:

    The diagram shows that User 1 and User 2 belong to Vendor account, while User 4 belong to Distributor account. Note that User 3 belongs to both Vendor and Distributor accounts. Therefore, this user can access Vendor and Distributor portal. Connect also allows implementing business cases, in which a user can access a Reseller portal as well as Distributor and Vendor portals.

    Creating Accounts

    A Distributor can invite a partner that does not have an account within the Connect platform. Distributors should create a corresponding agreement and activate relevant contract to invite Vendors or Resellers to the platform, as schematically illustrated in the diagram below:

    Vendor or Reseller accounts are created and activated by signing the program or service contracts. However, these accounts can be also created and activated by Distributors via the Create Partner wizard. This wizard streamlines agreement and contract creation. Refer to the Partners module documentation for more details.

    Account Management

    The Account module is used to provide an overview and required media files for your organization, manage users and their corresponding groups, review terms, configure helpdesk or reports settings, add links, and perform other operations via the following sections:

    • General: Use this section to review or edit general account information and your organization overview. This section also allows adding or removing media data.
    • Users: This section displays users that can access the portal as the account staff. It is possible to remove or add new users via this tab.
    • Groups: This section displays a list of groups for portal access distribution between users. You can add and remove groups in this list and manage groups permission.
    • Contacts: Use this section to manage your Business and Technical contacts.
    • Links: Create and manage your provided links via this section.
    • Contracts: (not available for Vendor accounts) This tab displays your Service Contract used to create this account and a list of permissions on creating various agreement.
    • Email: Manage your email notification templates and recipients by using this section.
    • Branding: Change your portals interface colors, logos, domains, and provide other branding customization.
    • Helpdesk: Change your helpdesk mode and adjust the helpdesk case auto-close setting.
    • Reports: Manage your custom report templates and your report repositories.
    • Single Sign-On: Implement single sign-on authentication and manage your domains via this section.
    • Service Levels: Allows configuring Service Level Management functionality for provided Connect objects.

    More Information

    Learn more about each section and all available operations of the Account module by accessing the following articles:

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