v19.1 Release Notes

Updated: July 9, 2020

    Release Date: April 17, 2020

    Portal Modules Reordering

    In anticipation of the Groups and Permissions management feature in the upcoming major updates, we’ve restructured Portal modules layout towards object-level, as schematically illustrated in the following diagram:

    In essence, now users will need to choose object type first (Assets, Settings, Customers) and then switch between transient (Requests) and persistent (Directory) subviews.

    CB Commerce Extension

    Beta support for the CB Commerce 20.4

    We are introducing beta support for the CloudBlue Commerce version 20.4 in our Extension. As a result, in order to run on the CloudBlue Commerce 8.3 and earlier, the new APS package called “Abstract Types” must to be imported into the system as described in the following article.

    Please refer to the “Abstract Types” section of the CloudBlue Commerce Configuration Prerequisites article for details of the installation process.

    Improved Management CLI Tool

    We’ve updated our Commence Extension CLI Tool (known as apsconnectcli) to support product update scenarios. Please make sure to execute the following command before installing / updating any new products:

    $ pip install -U apsconnectcli

    The updated tool will automatically create Resource Types for the Product Packages installed, whether it’s initial install or an update.

    Improved Extension APS Package

    New version of the Extension APS Package has been released and needs to be installed to every instance of the CloudBlue Commerce connected with the CloudBlue Connect.

    The new version brings improved performance and reliability of the Settings management screen for the Provider and Resellers, as well as automated Usage Files propagation from Connect’s Usage Management module.

    Support for RT Counted Reference in the Product Package

    New version of the apsconnectcli brings initial support for the Resource Type (RT) “Counted Reference” that is required for the new Usage Management feature to work in the CloudBlue commerce version 20.4 and above. In order to instantiate Product Package with new resource types, please use the –experimental flag in the install-frontend command as illustrated below:

    apsconnect install-frontend 
    	--source SOURCE 
    	--oauth-key OAUTH_KEY 
    	--oauth-secret OAUTH_SECRET 
    	--backend-url BACKEND_URL 

    This will create Resource Types based on the Resource Class “Counted Reference” in the CouldBlue Commerce.

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